Refit 2008-9
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This refit is in preparation for sailing to the Mediterranean via the French canals during 2009. The original idea was to sail into the Bay of Biscay and take the Canal du Midi but on initial research it was determined that the draught of the boat is too great at 1.6 metres. The overall plan is to now take the route from le Havre, through Paris, and then on to the Med, possibly, by the western most canal. There is no strict deadline.

Having investigated sending the mast by road, which indicated that it would cost too much for our budget, we have decided to carry the mast on deck - another thing to knock up is the cradle.

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Main Cabin Hatches


Sept 08. Removal of two instruments from the cockpit and repositioning of one into the instrument garage above the companion way left holes! To improve internal ventilation and conveniently fill the holes a small 'tea' passing hatch was fitted. Here is the pictorial detail of how it was done.  I used white one pack Polysulphide sealant and left this for seven days before giving the screws a final tighten.


Sept 08. Wind instrument shown re-sited in centre of instrument garage above companionway. Cable run from masthead transducer to junction box in space below mast and then run above starboard headlining before passing up and under the hatch housing. To enable ease of passing the cables up from within the cabin headlining space into the hatch housing a 12mm hole was drilled at the right  and left hand edge of the hatch housing. This enables cables to be passed from each side.

Sept 08. To improve main cabin ventilation and light a small hatch has been fitted in the deckhead of the main saloon. The curvature of the deckhead was not considered to be a cause for concern and was approximately 1mm either side of the hatch centreline. White one part polysulphide sealant was used and again left for seven days before giving the bolts a final tightening. The headlining was cut as shown and trim fitted when delivered from Lewmar as shown.

Transceiver above chart table.

Icom-M505 Transceiver

The old radio, a Nasa was noisy and not considered very good for the job. This was replaced with the Icom-M505 with CommandMic together with a loud hailer. The system includes auto fog sounding and, although a more complex menu system, many more features including the option to use ATIS.


CommandMic mounted at inside of companionway. The loud hailer mounted on the gantry below the solar panel.

Main Sheet Traveller

Sept 08. In order to enable effective use of a Bimini to protect the crew from strong sunlight it was considered necessary to move the main sheet traveller and position on the boom forward, adjacent to the companion way. I chose the Barton track, traveller and end stops and cut the track to 50 inches to fit athwartship the boats centreline. Two teak wedges were fabricated to provide an horizontal surface on which to mount the track and the whole assembly was bolted through the topsides with three M8 bolts and Nyloc nuts each side.

The above image shows the traveller and  a 4:1 purchase 'endless' track adjustment with cams mounted on the traveller.

Here the position of the main sheet on the boom is shown. This may be adjusted later to enable appropriate fitting of the Bimini.

Fore Sheet Winches Moved

August 2009. Marseille and 35º C! The original position of the fore sheet winches is not really convenient in relation to the new position of the main sheet traveller.

The winches were re-sited on the cockpit combing and this proved to be an excellent choice, much easier. The holes left in the old position were filled using epoxy, to avoid shrinkage, and then gel coated before finishing with non-slip.

Mast Refurbishment

November 08. Thirty mast steps ( £14.95 each) fitted to mast at 375mm intervals using 3 x 4.8mm monel rivets. Duralac used to inhibit corrosion between rivet and mast. Steps weigh only 80grms each and are of a composite material.

Inspection of standing rigging showed that lower shroud had broken strand below swaged terminal; indicating that all rigging, terminals and bottlescrews need replacement (~ £800.00). (Standing Rigging Measurements)

Mast head navigation light changed for NASA LED tricolor ( £99.00). All masthead fitting self tapping screws replaced with machine screws. Steaming and deck light replaced ( £49.00). Windex VHF Aerial replaced ( £69.00). Raymarine masthead socket ( £45.00) and all mast electrical cables ( £25.00) replaced.

Mast, boom, kicker, spinnaker pole and forestay foil degreased and cleaned with Blakes Mast Care ( £9.00).The spinnaker boom has been mounted upright on the front of the mast as the photos indicate.

Mast cables rewired.



Boom Refurbishment

Sept 08. Inspection of the boom fittings highlighted that the rivets holding the mainsheet and kicker attachments were loose & the holes in the boom quite badly corroded. The end fitting and each of the stainless steel attachments were removed and then refitted by slipping in a thin piece of aluminium between the boom and attachment. All rivets were replaced by tapping out the fittings and boom end to M8 and, using M8 bolts, re-secured.  All joints and mating surfaces were treated with Duralac (yellow chromate) paste before assembly.

New parts fitted were the kicker attachment (~ £28.00) and the mainsheet attachment (~ £22.00) obtained from Southern Spar Services at Shamrock Quay. Main outhaul rope replaced with 10mm x 4m fed by removing inboard end of boom and 'mousing' new rope through 2 sheaf block and attaching end to pin on boom end fitting.

Mast Carrier (for French Canals)

In order to transport the mast on deck, to navigate the French canal system, mast supports are required and have been made as shown in the photos. The supports are themselves supported by wire attached to the stemhead and each support before finally being attached to the backstay chainplate. A bottlescrew has been inserted just forward of the centre support to enable tensioning of the wire.

The lower images show the mast stowed in its cradle. It is above head height but overhangs each end of the boat by about 5 feet. I plan to hang warning fenders or some such thing on each end when in the canals.


Quarter Berth Hatch

To enable easier access to the space between the quarter berth and the transom an hatch has been fitted. Although plans for use of the space have not been made it could be possible to install a calorifier or just to use it for stowage.


Keel Maintenance

Bottom 4 inches or so of the keel required anti corrosion treatment, however, weather was too cold for this to work efficiently. A tent was erected and a 'black' heater placed inside. Very effective! Outside temp -4C inside +10C


Hatch Lock

Feb 2009: EU barrel lock fitted at forward end of sliding main hatch as shown in the photo. The barrel passes through the sliding hatch thus preventing it from being slid open.

The type of lock used was a 45mm long single ended EU lock from Tool Station.

Quarter Berth

To provide more space for 'things' we decided to remove the cushions from the quarter berth and fit loose carpet. The amount of space gained is significant and the picture on the right shows the result. Access to the battery compartment is not hindered by the carpet, it is just covered by a small piece.

Cobb BBQ

Sept 08. A new addition to the culinary kit for Inadee is this BBQ from South Africa. It uses charcoal very efficiently and cooks all sorts of food nicely. Two additions with it are a wok and frying plate. The really great benefit is that it can be used, as shown here, directly on a surface that must not get hot. Expensive but a good buy at  £99.00.